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Very nice set! Is there any chance to see more of her any time soon?

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We tried to have her set for RA on March, but now it's clear that we can not do it. Maybe in April - I will let you know here.

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Yes, in March.
And thank you for compliment.

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Dobroe utro!!!

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Any vecer when a lovely thing like Zoeya shares her intimate secrets with us like this is a very dobra vecer indeed... (:

Thanks, Google Translate!


"Croatian - detected EnglishTranslate

dobra večer

good evening"

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Welcome to RylskyArt, Zoeya. I wish you a long and successful career working with Rylsky (sretno). That would mean that we will be favored with many more visits from you!

Well done Rylsky! Another very attractive young woman you have introduced to us, many thanks.

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Rylsky had a good evening and a very good business trip in Croatia. I thought some of his recent updates were done in a tropical location like Croatia. Zoeya is a beautiful young woman and a wonderful new model. I like how Rylsky used the sun light and the lengthening evening shadows to create a delightful set of photos. Bravo Mr Rylsky.

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