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The only thing brighter than the sunlight and the highly visible yellow dress is this woman's smile.

Ya know... people have commented elsewhere about other models that their faces seem perpetually affixed with a smile - but never so with Zelda.

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With her radiant smile, luminous dark eyes and raven black hair, I would be perfectly happy to have 58 photos of Zelda for the covered by that sparkling yellow dress! She is just gorgeous.

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It should read "……… photos of Zelda fully covered by that sparkly yellow dress………"

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A special shout out to our host, every image is full length with no cropping. I'm impressed and thankful.

And what images they are. Zelda looks radiant and like she's having fun. Isn't it amazing and enjoyable (for me – Zelda?) what a breeze blowing over the lake does to nipples.

Many thanks to Rylsky and his friend Zelda for this very enjoyable visit.

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Our beautiful Ms Zelda on a lovely spring day, excellent. Zelda is always so very beautiful and as cute as a kitten. I like her bright yellow dress. Very nice.

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I'm not sure what the title "Colokon" means, but I think Rylsky is playing with the Russian word for sun, "solntse". The Cyrillic C = the Latin S.

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