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Zelda, I love your pussy. So there.

s/ me

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Really beautiful! Always a 10. Nice to see her in that dress that Jeff wore in her first set. :)

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I really like seeing pretty Zelda in a little dress . We have seen several models in that same dress . I have made comment before about buying new dresses for our pretty models. Search the net , there are plenty of pretty dresses out there that would look great on Zelda. And by the way Zelda , you look lovely , as always.

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I wasn't expecting to see Zelda wearing Jeff's dress, the one she wore in her introductory set. Zelda does fill it out well, doesn't she?

An interesting thing about having multiple models wear the same piece of clothing is it gives us a way of judging their size relative to each other. I wouldn't have thought that Zelda and Jeff are essentially the same size, for some reason I envisioned Zelda being significantly taller than Jeff. (:

A fun set, thanks, Rylsky and Zelda!

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