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Pretty Zelda in a pretty peasant girl's dress . That thin layer of cotton would not be much protection from the splinters hurting her precious bum from that nasty old bench . I volunteer to be the " splinter getterouterer " Zelda would have my careful , gentle attention .

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What a nice way to usher in spring! our bright and happy little Zelda. Even if it was raining her smile would be sunshine enough! A very nice set and a great setting for Zelda!

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Very true. Remember Zelda's first outdoor set. It was overcast at first and the sun was shining brightly by the end of the set. And Vittoria was waiting to do her set next. For a very brief moment, Rylsky Land was a bright sunny tropical paradise.

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The amazingly beautiful Miss Zelda is back for another visit in a lovely garden on a wonderful summer day. Perfect! Zelda is always so very beautiful and oh so very, very cute. In this visit, she is wearing her hair parted to the side, giving her a more mature and sophisticated style. No matter how she wears her hair, Zelda is almost perfectly perfect. I love the garden setting. I don't recall seeing the pond before. I think this is a different garden. I am sure Zelda was perfectly safe, but that bench seemed be very rough and dangerously uncomfortable. I don't think I would want to sit on it, particularly without clothing or a cushion. Zelda is a brave young lady. :)))

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