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Ya just can't have too much Zelda!! "Not enough" is MUCH more likely!!
I'm bettin' that she's as much fun as she is delectable...;o)
My humble world for her touch...

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Simply 10/10 for both Zelda & Rylsky.

Unfortunately the zip files are defective! Picture download is not possible!

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I just checked zip files, it's ok. please try another browser.

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And the prize for cutest girl on the planet goes to:



Hardly a shock result though...What a babe!

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The amazing Miss Zelda. So very beautiful, so very sexy and oh so very very cute. As cute as a kitten. And much cuter than a baby hedgehog.

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If you are fortunate enough to find the place where adorably cute and powerfully sexy intersect, you will find Zelda there. ( :

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Oh damn ... yet another set posting of the interminably cute Zelda! How long must we be subjected to such torture? What ever have we done to be subjected to such torture? ;-)

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You put it so much better than I, arkie! ( :

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The odd thing about Zelda & her sets is that, excluding the more explicit shots, she's so cute and exudes such camera charm that almost all her shots are ones you'd want to look at - even the shots that show us "practically nothing". I haven't see one for a while, but a couple of nice, tight head shots with perhaps the turn of a shoulder showing would be much appreciated.

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