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I can't think of what to add to the praise that I've heaped on Zelda...the Last Word in Sexy! All I can do is start listing what I'd like to do with her. And nobody wants to hear that! so on with the viewing and drooling!!!

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Thanks for sparing us the TMI, Rock, I will extend the same favor to you! LOL

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Rylsky's reigning queen of cute... I mean, sequence #s 45-47. Seriously. Who could not fall in love with that face?

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Zelda is always perfectly beautiful. Absolutely perfectly beautiful. I have little else to write about Zelda. There are some very nice portraits of Zelda in this set, particularly photo number 45 is remarkably wonderful. Zelda's personality just jumps through the monitor screen. What a doll.

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Oddly enough- #45 makes the whole set for me........ I love it when a woman's eyes smile like Zelda's

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Its not odd at all. Photo 45 is an extraordinarily great photo of beautiful Zelda. Rylsky caught lightning in a crystal bottle.

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