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Warning! Rating system broken down!

Zelda, there are just not enough words in our language to describe your magnificence. This is a beautiful exhibition! I love every square inch of you!! Thanks Rylsky!....now you're on track!!! ;o)

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My rating system still works. Judging by the mess I made, I'd rate Zelda a 10!

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Oh no! It's yet another visit to WheresZelda.com! I am sooooo tired of looking at this wonderful, marvelous and adorable young thing that methinks I should pluck out mine eyes and cast them upon the cold stone floor like runes.

3 votes and an AVERAGE of only 7.7 ! Someone is mayhaps seriously messing with the rating system.

The only thing missing from this set is perhaps a matching black & gold-trimmed bra & panty set underneath the wonderful little black satin slip!

Oh and BTW ... a "+10" for the creative use of the photographic tripod in some shots.

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And yet a further BTW ...replace the black alligator heels with a really nice pair of black silk sling-back Manolo Blahniks (the ones out a couple of years ago that had the gold heel tips on them).

Love the use of the fire-red background drape as a counterpoint to the black furniture (love seat? - hard to tell) and Zelda's pale skin and dark hair & eyes.

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100 megatons of highly explosive incredibleness.

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Zelda is always so very pretty and very cute. It is always nice to see this adorable young lady.

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