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Pink and blue and Zelda too! Amazing what Zelda can do with a simple piece of pink fabric! Of course Zelda is amazing anyway. She is one of those "it" girls that can make anything fun. She is so radiant and fun I am sure she would be absolutely impossible to resist. I am sure heads turn wherever she goes. I know she always puts a smile on my face.

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More delicious Zelda.... I am fulfilled. I am enchanted. I am in love...

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4 times more

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How can one woman be so silly and, at the same time, so seductively cute all in one set? I don't know, but Zelda manages to pull it off every time. Is it something in her eyes, that mischievous little glint, or is something in her smile, a sort of sly, little turn up at the corner of her mouth that does it? i don't know, but Zelda certainly does it easily enough - like everyone else breathes.

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A lovely celebration of a lovely woman's lovely form. ( :
From tip of toe to top of head, Zelda is delightful to look at indeed...

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So incredibly beautiful

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This summer will be hotter:



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Always so very beautiful and so very cute. There is nothing more to say.

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