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Joyous and marvelously appealing x

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A quite nice, although unusual set. The early photographs, composed against a darkened mirror serve as a counter -point to the later shots with Zelda smiling mischievously while contorted into the interior of the storage space, like a whimsical jack-in-the-box. As with that famous childhood toy, you don't know what's actually in the musical box until you crank the handle a few times and out pops the smiling clown. If you look at Zelda's reflection in #s 13 & 14, you can see a "dark" reflection in the mirror - perhaps a foretelling of her other side?

But, as with all her sets, a well done one showing off perhaps her best asset, her marvelous smile!

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Nice use of space to create interesting shots with a sense of fun. Zelda would be a fine addition to any man's wardrobe.

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