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Zelda is one of my favorite nude models. Just seeing her body is definitely enough to lighten my mood. And I would be a liar not to admit that after seeing a few pictures of her especially when she's bent over I get a very strong urge to masturbate.

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I think it is time to congratulate the beautiful young woman who we know as Zelda. Her 30th gallery was published on MetArt today. When you add all of her sets published here on RylskyArt and elsewhere in the MetArt network, you have to agree Zelda is a very busy and special young woman. She is a very popular model. She is not only popular among MetArt network subscribers, but among MetArt photographers as well. Normally, I would say that exclusivity between the model and the photographer is best, but Zelda works well with any photographer. Rylsky, Arkisi, Goncharov and several other photographers have created excellent sets featuring Zelda. Zelda seems to be able to change her appearance and personality, depending on who is behind the camera. She looks cute and playful when she wears bangs in her hair and she looks supremely sultry and sexy when she wears her hair parted on the side and combed over. Either way, She always looks absolutely beautiful. There are many great models in the MetArt universe, but it is possible that Zelda is the overall best. Warm regards, compliments and best wishes to Zelda. You are wonderful.

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Well said, some kind of love letter to the model (remember our blog?).
Sure memebers will see ZELDA's new set here soon, in 1-2 weeks.

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I hope Zelda has the opportunity to read this message.

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Wonderful girl
I love zelda

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She and Jeff are my favorite here! A realy gorgeous woman!

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Whomever posted "implants" in the user tags wouldn't know an implant if they were squished right up in their face, either in-body or out.

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One of the reasons I've turned off tags