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Those smiling eyes!

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I was gonna say "I love when girls sit like Yvonne is sitting at the beginning of the set" and then I realized I've never seen a girl sit like that in real life. ( ; (I wish I could say I've seen it a lot... LOL) so instead, I'll say, "I love it when the models pose like Yvonne does at the beginning of this set."

She is pure loveliness... a girl next door vibe but a perfectly sexy body. Oh my god those perfect tiny little breasts... and what a lovely face.

I hope you keep bringing Yvonne back for more, Rylsky, she's something special. ( :

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I love this beautiful young woman. Yvonne is always so cute and playful. She has that wonderful friendly smile. We have seen this location many times before and we have seen that rough wooden bench or chair. It always seems so uncomfortable for bare delicate skin. I can't help imaging what it might feel like to sit on it. Of course, I am sure that no model has ever been injured in the making of this update. :)

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Dark brunette hair, exquisite blue eyes and a happy and inviting face. Yvonne could be Loreen's younger sister or cousin I think.

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