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  • 5

Yvonne sure does have a great ass on her. Mercy!

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The only thing that would improve her backside would be a nice set of bite marks on it. And I have a suspicion that Yvonne would still retain that remarkable smile throughout! Very nice set.

  • 4

Not fair, young lady! Jet black hair and blue eyes? Not to mention a killer smile and beautiful body. I have no chance.

  • 1

As promised last week! Love Yvonne - so cute and sexy. She looks like she'd be fun to be with. Thanks, Rylsky. Thanks, Yvonne!

  • 2

A beautiful girl with pale blue eyes a lovely smile in a simple black dress on a contrasting background. A good formula for a successful set.

Yvonne's beautiful black tresses blend perfectly with that sheik black dress and they both highlight her pale skin perfectly. Rylsky wisely choose not to use any gimmicks or tricks in this set. Just put Yvonne in a cute outfit and let her be the star. Can't loose that way. Yvonne is so cute and sprightly and her personality is so friendly and inviting it would be pretty hard to mess up keeping it simple. She easily carried this set and won my 10!

  • 3

Stunningly lovely, totally uninhibited, completely adorable xxxx

  • 3

70 perfectly delightful photos of the very beautiful and wonderfully cute Yvonne. Excellent! Yvonne is so very pretty. Love her raven black hair and those beautiful blue eyes. And such a lovely, big, happy grin; so friendly and inviting. What a doll.

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