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The set reminds me of something George C. Scott said about actors: "Third - and this is the quality that separates the great ones from the good ones - I look for a 'joy of performing' quality."

Ynesse has that quality. She's very beautiful, and could get by just being sultry, as she sometimes is. But what makes her really special is that mischief and joy that bubbles up as if it couldn't be contained, and makes what she does both sexy and fun.

Speaking of sexiness, I suppose this is an odd thing to comment on, but I really like that fine hair on Ynesse's abdomen, and the artful way she trims her hair further down so there's a clear line up to the navel and everything's clearly related. It's a subtly earthy touch on an elegant woman, and that line works well as a visual element. There's as much design in it as in a fine dress. And yeah, I like it that she's basically just being herself, too.

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Well said Fred!

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Thanks very much to Ynesse and Team Rylsky for Cheresnea. I can and will review this gallery many times, and likely will find many nuances not seen the first time(s).

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