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Nice simple set. Beautiful lady, totally nude and posing on a bed showing off her goodies for the camera!!

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ok your new mission in life is to get this girl to do a film..when you get girls like this ..get the film rolling !!

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9.6! Seems like we have a new #1 model. At least temporarily!

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Such a beautiful woman and Ynesse's eye contact is superb. I do believe I've melted!

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Wow! THIS is why I pay the money. Ynesse is stunning. Her every feature is gorgeous. The photos are spectacular, with many interesting poses. The lighting is perfect. The model is well shown and there are no annoyances like hair in the way, jewelry, clothing, etc.

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In the way she carries herself in posing and her expressions, this young lady reminds me more than a little bit of Vittoria... ( :

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Just the way she looks at the camera, the overall build of her face as well as some of facial expressions (#s 6, 7 & 14) makes me think she's at least a couple of years older than your run-of-the-mill models who appear on these kinds of sites - and I like it. While I can appreciate the female body in all it's various manifestations, sometimes the "19-something look" seems to run together. Ynesse just seems to have "something more" beyond those looks that I've become accustomed to seeing.

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@ fer_realz

I looked at and pondered who she looks like. Thanks for your answer to my un-asked question.

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Welcome to RylskyArt, beautiful Ynesse! I really like blue eyed brunettes, and every one of your delightful downy hairs.

Nice new model Rylsky, I hope the two of you collaborate for many more visits.

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Love the way she has such fine, downy hair extending upward through her abdomen from her pubic region towards her navel. Extremely sexy.

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A lovely new model, with a beautiful figure. Very nice. Bravo Rylsky!

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What a lovely new flower in you collection. Confident, expressive, pretty and a near perfect body!

Another great find and a nice intro!