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Cute face, large breast, large labia and butterflies, thank you.

Rylsky my friend:
Are we still going to predict winners and scores when the cup playoffs begin?
Can I use the quaint method of typing my guesses here as before? I don't do these new fangled techniques at all.
The Oilers likely will not make the playoffs but the Islanders definitely will, and anyone who makes the playoffs can win.
Good Luck to the Islanders.

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Yes yes yes, my friend!
i am ready and our blog is always welcoming warm place for our predictions. let the show begiiiin (soon!)!

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What a Gorgeous woman, and wholesomeness beyond compare!!.. This why I love your photosets Rylsky.. You bring a natural, sweetheart into the mix that brings us back to the girl next door!!

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thank you!

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Yennifer is already a 10 for me but seeing lush black hair I know that she would have an amazing tuft of pussy hair over that sweet mons. It would probably turn me on so much I would probably be out of my head all day.

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The shot with her eyes looking at you through the pearls looks like she is anticipating the release of yours.

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