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There is something extremely appealing about Yennefer with her bright smile, pretty face and firm, full body. I find myself revisiting her to appearances with great pleasure. I keep wondering however what she would look like with red hair – and that is a very tantalising prospect.

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Yennefer is incredibly appealing. I hope we'll see much more of her.

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Welcome to RA Yennefer, I wish you a long career and many more appearances. I like # 11, large wrinkled areolae and ribs are such a treat. Thanks for the butterflies and many full length images.

Isn't it strange what the eye can do to a viewer, In the cover shot and # 42, Yennefer's breasts look to be much smaller than they do in # 10 and most of the other images. Many more images that showcase her delightful derriere would be nice.

Very nice discovery my friend. I hope you and her work together often and bring the results here for the members to view.