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"Rozzova might translate to pink" - yes, now you know 1 more Russian word. Rose = flower, Rozzovy = color

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Thanks my friend.

I posted this @ the Fan Zone.

Вашингтон курил им последнюю игру, я думаю, что больше того же сегодня!

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I thought that Rozzova might translate to pink egg or similar but I couldn't find anything to confirm that. There sure is a whole lot of pink going on here both in the backdrop and in Yanamaria herself.

She has very nice buns, smoky blue eyes, great eyebrows, nice legs and noteworthy labia. When viewed in my browser, # 20 has a hint of a treasure trail. When I view that in Zee they have disappeared. I wonder why?

I hope Rylsky has some more images of Yanamaria in his inventory. Thank you.

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