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She's precious. Each set makes me a bigger fan.

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I wonder if lovely Yamina would mind too much If I were to think of her as Yumina from now on. So pretty and Oh, so sexy............

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I love how girl-next-door Yamina looks. She totally looks like someone I could meet in real life. And she's so sexy, which is a total bonus.

Love the set, wish for more pics of her in the sexy panties before they were being pulled off.

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# 53 = yum, yum, yum!

# 40 and many more full length images of lovely Yamina = yum, yum.

Thanks in equal measure to Yamina and Rylsky, let's do this monthly ok.

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I'll second that emotion! More Yamina!

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Thirded! Yamina is one girl that could easily become my new favorite model... if only I could see her more often!

Please Rylsky & Yamina, keep this going!

Also, if you haven't already, please do some of your awesome video work with her. Lack of video is the one disappointment I still have about Macy B (not specifically with you, just in general).

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Welcome to our club,Hellhound!

Yes, you'll see more of this model during this year, but you need to understand that we asked all the girls about videos and if they disagree - we will not push on them for making vids, let it be their own choice.

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I've been around for a good couple years now (I just don't normally bother to comment), but thanks anyway!

And no, I agree with you completely, I wouldn't want to push Yamina (or anyone else) to do something they aren't comfortable with. I'm just going to be over here crossing my fingers, that's all. :)