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Omg, I just noticed that I gave this set a 6. I don't know how that happened. It must have been because I was asleep at 3:15 am, when I looked at the set. These Petals volumes are not my favorite, but I never rated any of Rylsky's work less than 10. It may not be my kind of erotica, but I understand that it is the best of its kind. Sorry for the mistake.

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I guess I have to counter the one “6” by giving lovely Welesa a “12”?

As has been written many times both here and at the Mother Ship, any woman who takes all her clothes off in front of a crowd of people (in this case Team Rylsky) deserves at least a 7 or 8 for courage. Then she gets bonus marks for how attractive she is, how engaged she is and how she she poses.

Thanks to Welesa and Team Rylsky. My favorite images are the ones where we see her in full length mode.

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