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This little beauty needs help with her shaving and I volunteer!! :oD

No matter her 'moniker', she's sweet and sexy!! Nice job R... ;o)

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Walda's been a favorite (of mine) ever since her initial postings here. Maybe it's because I'm partial to short hair on women, but Walda also has this kind of well-toned/defined muscle mass that looks like it comes either from working out or perhaps dancing on a regular basis. I agree with Neil about the difference in her more natural hair color vs. the over-saturated/over colored hair on other sites. She also knows she has a truly great derriere and both she and Monsewer Rylsky seem to work hard to make sure she shows it off for us ...well ...at least for me that is. ;-)

The only problem I have throughout the whole set is that either Walda's been over-exposed by the flash being used, or the camera's being glitchy in underexposing in the flash mode. I can't speak for the editing sequence in which the photos appear (vs. their shooting sequence), but it seems like most of the frames in the first 20 of the series Walda's skin tones are blown out by at least a stop or two. Particularly a pressing problem in that Walda has a rather fair skin tone.

That being said however, I'll take almost any postings showcasing this wonderful woman. More is always welcome for my part.

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The title "Toolaias" translates out of the Estonian language as "chair in a garden. " About a year ago, Zelda sat in the same chair in the same garden. It is difficult to avoid comparing the two sets.

Walda has an exquisite, perfect womanly figure. Truly a beautiful body. I like her gorgeous rusty red hair. It is much nicer than the artificially red shade she wears while she is Zarina on MetArt.

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