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Beautiful! The sequence of 55 thru 60 IS wonderful, mouth watering!

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WOW!! Scrumptious!!!

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Now THIS is a woman who knows she has a stunning body, especially her delicious butt. More of her would definitely not be a bad thing.

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Hey, look at that. Walda, Mariam and Ornella, each with light red hair, each with enchanting brown eyes. They could be sisters. Now that would be an amazing family, like the charactors of a classic novel. And Orabelle has slightly darker red hair and her profile says she has green eyes, but they look brown to me. She could be a first cousin to the three sisters. I would thy to read that novel, if the book had plenty of pictures.

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Wow! Walda is an amazingly beautiful and sexy young woman. What an incredibly stunning body. And look at that cute face. She is a wonderful addition to Rylsky's pantheon of goddesses. Think of it, the amazing Miss Jeff and now the beautiful Miss Walda in less than a week, while the other beautiful young women keep getting more and more gorgeous every time we see them, like Cecile and Swan. Rylsky Art is a large treasure chest of incredibly precious gems stones. And it just keeps getting better. All up. No down.

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Well look who we have here. Walda, I knew you were coming but I did not know when. Walda, you are ama zingly gorgeous and so very cute. What a stunningly beautiful feminine and shapely figure. High powered, super charged, world class, industrial strength gorgeous! So welcome Walda, it is a true preasure to meet you.

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Walda, you're a very mouth-watering young woman—lovely smile, pretty breasts, gorgeous pussy. I especially like that tousled hairdo. I wouldn't mind messing it up a bit more. Thanks for a fun set.

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