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Vittoria is always genuine and engaged, but here she really goes for it, and the result is wonderful. It's eroticism whose heart is joy and the pleasure of being with someone, and it's art. While looking at it I can't imagine a more beautiful woman than Vittoria, both inside and out.

Thank you, Vittoria, and thank you, Rylsky.

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I can think of no better way to start the weekend. One of my favs. Cheers

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The girl is not shy. Excellent artwork here! Many photos have a special appeal and express something erotic, beyond base sexual appeal. There's a feeling that puts the viewer with the subject in a very human way, yet there is also something that sets the viewer outside the photo, observing a story. There's an intimacy here, as well as something reflective and thought provoking. Like a great sexual encounter that is more than just a sexual encounter. A little difficult to put this into words, but you probably get the gist of what I'm saying.

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This is a nice visit from Lovely Vittoria, chock a block full of great images.

I love what water does to nipples!

Thanks Vittoria and Team Rylsky.

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I posted the above yesterday.

All I would add today is that there are some nice images of Vittoria's puffy outer labia.

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