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  • Fred
  • 11 months ago
  • 1

For me this is about perfect. Vittoria in that nice blue dress, happy and warm and flirtatious; that could have gone on forever. And then the natural segue into the next part, which had that sense of intimacy that Vittoria communicates so well, like a wife or long-time lover showing her comfort and pleasure in the relationship, and passion as well. Beauty and very positive emotions.

  • 2

This is Vittoria's best gallery so far. Picture #27 is the perfect portrait of a beautiful girl - lovely smile, dress pulled up and a great view of her superb bottom and creamy pussy. It is wonderful to see a beautiful girl getting excited by posing nude.

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Number 8 is an amazing shot!

  • 2

Another beautiful model that Rylsky shoots so well. Bravo! Sorry about that beating my Leafs laid on your Islanders's the other night!. Lol. Cheers!

  • 2

Look at Vittoria's face, isn't she beautiful?

Naguyu re-enforces the concept that “all nude all the time” isn't the only way to photograph a beautiful woman!

I adore Vittoria's eyes, hair, puffy lady bits, and large nipples ~ quite the suite of stellar physical attributes.

I am torn between 13, 24, and 40 so I will choose all three as my crème de la crème images. There are many more that are just as captivating.

Many thanks to Vittoria and Rylsky.

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