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Can we expect more photos of beautiful Vittoria in the future?

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Excellent work. Vittoria is one of my favourite models. In Tembo you were able to capture her undeniable beauty while highlighting her exquisite curves and body.


On a side note - looks like your Islanders are rounding into frame as well. Now I have to go look at the photoset of Vittoria in a Islander's jersey. lol


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My Islanders ? hahaha... but BTW, they played very well with new young players + Eberle. looks promising and I hope to see their playoffs wins again. Thank you!

Check all Vittoria's galleries, she deserves it for sure.

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How nice to see this long-legged classic model once again.

By the way, as Christmas nears and we start thinking about presents, all I would really like is another visit from the adorable Anelie at this festive time. Rylsky – is any chance that she may pay her admirers a visit in September?

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I really hope Anelie will return. But sometimes real life and model's life are not the same 1 road. Anyway I hope, honestly, chances now not so big.

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Sadly, many good things come to an end. I will be very sad if we see no more of the enchanting Anelie. Even though there are some attractive new models appearing, very few of them have the X factor. Having been a subscriber to both Rylsky Art and MetArt for some time, there are fewer models whose new photo shoots excite me to such an extent. Rylsky Art does have the virtue that many of my old favourites to reappear from time to time.

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Tembo is a wonderful gallery containing many great images of lovely Vittoria.

The first time through, I liked 2, 8, 21, and 22. The second time I added more. Let's just say there are lots to choose from and you may well choose different ones.

Thanks to Vittoria and our host.

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Thank you!

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