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Mmmmmm Vittoria, you are just perfect from head to toe!

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Welcome to RA!

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A wonderful photo shoot from the lovely Vittoria with her perfect feminine form – every shot shows her to maximum advantage and the white background merely highlights every aspect of her exquisite body. A masterpiece in erotic photography!

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Funny thing, I was just thinking about Vittoria the other day, hoping she hadn't retired from modeling! Of course she probably has and this set is from the vaults, but even so it's a treat to see her lovely, lovely face again. (:

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this is really funny^ 2 days ago our member requested for Zemira's new update and we also planned to show new update on RA at the same day. maybe some waves or winds of our wishes comes to reality somehow?

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Yes, but slowly sometimes. In the interests of science, anyway, we need to be sure we're not just remembering the cases where we've thought it would be wonderful to see Vittoria again (say), and then did see her a day or two later, while forgetting those drab days when we wanted to see her but didn't.

How can Vittoria look so poised and elegant and so warm at the same time? This really calls for more investigation.

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Effect without a cause
Scientific pause...

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true :)

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Beautiful Ms Vittoria, always so very nice to see her in a new update. A perfect feminine figure. Simply gorgeous.

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