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Vittoria is so pretty and the sequence of photos of her bottom from #23 to #29 are absolute gems.

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Really happy to see Vittoria here @ Rylsky's where there's a tad more freedom of expression...generally. I think she's gorgeous and I'm always happy to see her sets. This is a very nice one...lots of that beautiful smile! ;o)

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good mais too musch photoshop one more time : =(

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An incomparably lovely lady in a wonderful set. Vittoria makes that dress look great. ( :

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The very picture of youthful beauty, Vittoria is so very gorgeous. What a perfect little doll. Excellent!
I think this is another new location. I think I would recognize the picture on the wall behind Vittoria, if I had seen it before.

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Vittoria is gorgeous and sexy beyond words!

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Absolutely beyond words! Well put.

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