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Venice has that kind of sultry/pouty look about her, something that that mouth and lips of hers goes a long way towards showcasing.

Whomever chose the bright red lipstick... a brilliant choice. Helps accentuate her mouth and serves as a great counterpoint to the lighting and her black hair.

Saw her once before with a fuller bush and, though this is nice, would like to see it again.

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Oh my gosh! Lovely Venice has so many of the physical features that I appreciate. The opening black and white pictures are spectacular and highlight perfectly her beautiful face and perfect eyebrows.

I went back and forth, and around and around, before choosing #12 and # 33 as my favorite images, but there are a ton more.

Thank you Venice, thank you Rylsky and your team for collaborating on and publishing Limscira for my enjoyment.

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Well, thanks for this spellbinding journey, Venice Lei and Rylsky.
I like the mistery in this set very much, with the black and white photos as well as that artistic screen behind her - and what is unbeatable: Venice Lei reminds me of a friend of mine. Her hair, her eyes, her hips.... Hmmmm.
And that hill of her clitoral hood; would like to run up and down that hill 24/7.

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