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She looks a 100 times better in Mareda. The hair only makes her pussy and the surrounded tissue look raw and irritated.

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There was none of this raw look in Deluxe on the new MAX set either!

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The increased color could be easily explained in one of two ways: ① an increase of blood flow resulting from an increase in sexual stimulation or ② Mr. Rylsky "fiddled" with the image in PornoShop to locally increase the color saturation in this area (easily enough done and, unlike moving or "cloning" pixels to cover up or erase digital details, practically untraceable if not done to the extreme). From what I can see of the photos published here, I can infer that the first may be the case although ruling out the latter would be entirely out of the realm of possibility). Actually, neither may be the case and she's just "happy to see us".

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She looks pink, not raw and irritated ~ to me, anyway.

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Uhm... need I say... delightfully pink! (: (: (:

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I agree Fer. I think it's called "pussy".

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Mmm, mmm, mmm!

Una is an attractive young woman; and she has luxuriant eyebrows, lustrous brown eyes, a nice smile with dimples, pokies, an hourglass figure, and a delightful derriere. Then she adds to that lengthy list of appealing physical blessings by retaining her pubes and still giving us a glimpse of her labia.

For me, there were a couple of nits. First there were not nearly enough images but I can imagine why. Second most of the images were awkwardly cropped ~ I prefer to see the entire model as often as possible.

All in, all done, I enjoyed Piccolista and thank Una and Team Rylsky for their participation.

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This is the still photoset corresponding to Una Piccola's video which was published on RA over a year ago. And it is a delightful Monday morning bonus set. Very nice.

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Absolutely and a bonus at that!

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A beautiful little sweetheart. What a gorgeous little doll. 5ft 3in and 99lbs of 100% high octane industrial grade cute. This young lady is wonderful..

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