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You (Rylsky) work really well with this set. Once again the lighting enhances the photos, but there's also something about the colors that make this work so well. A good model like Theodora helps, of course. You bring out the erotic in your model and have me welling up with desire. You've asked before if we prefer an everyday setting or a fantasy setting. I'd say I prefer everyday, but with this set, I learn towards the fantasy. It works well every time. Compliments to Theodora, the photographer, the crew, and the set.

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I like 2. I really like 3. I love 4 and 55!

I am having difficulty determining whose hand is helping in 47. There are a few jobs associated with a Rylsky shoot that I would do for free. Tweaking lovely Theodora's nipples is one of them!

Theodora looks great anywhere, but she looks especially radiant in front of one of our host's silk backdrops. I hope there are more galleries with her somewhere in your inventory.