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What a wonderful treat for me today. Tasha is one of my all-time favorite models. I love her gorgeous Asian features, so exotic and enchanting. I have found her photos elsewhere on the web, with a different name, but Rylsky captures her very special beauty best. Tasha's updates on RylskyArt are all too rare. I hope we will see her in many more updates in the future.

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A very interesting foreign language lesson for today. The title,"Vjola" has no meaning in the Russian or Tasha's Tajik languages, but according to Google translator, Vjola translates out of the Maltese language as "Purple". It seems our friend Mr Rylsky is very inventive and resourceful.

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By the way, the Russian word for purple is "purpurnyy" and the Tajik word is "ar uvon".

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correct, also russians could say "fioletovy" on this color.

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In English, we have the word violet, but violet is not true purple. Purple does not occur in nature and can only be created by artificial dyes. Violet occurs in nature and can be created by slitting light with a prism. True purple is a mixture of 50% red and 50% blue. Violet has more blue than red. Throughout history, purple dyes have always been difficult and expensive to make so only kings could afford them.

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I can always learn something new at Rylsky Land University. :)

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It's been so long since we have seen beautiful Tasha that I fear she has retired. Here's hoping that our host has some more treasures like this up his sleeve.

If you like purple, this room is for you. It's too bad that a purple nurple was not known when Vjola was shot. The color purple has been known for centuries as a regal color and Tasha certainly is a regal looking young woman.

There are many great pictures here. My favorites are 66, 68, 69, and 71.

Thank you.

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