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Nothing like getting right to the point! Even though fully dressed #12 shows it all! that sweet pink flower makes my tongue rpie with desire to taste it's sweet nectar. I want to do an in depth analyses of that delectable specimen and Rylsky has given us the best we can hope for. Taissia is so deliciously sexy and tantalizingly naughty. I don't see how anyone could get through this set without being thoroughly aroused. Taissia is one of my favorites and one hot young woman. The thought that some lucky guy gets to come home to that makes me jealous of the passion that I know this young thing can generate. Lucky man or woman! Hope they appreciate the treasure they hold.

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Love it! Taissia is so hot in this set. Would love a video of this session as well. Hint, hint.

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Always gorgeous. Taissia is beautiful and supremely sensual. She is absolutely comfortable with her own sexuality. She seems to thoroughly enjoy sharing he sexuality with us.

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I often wonder when a woman touches and probes herself with long sharp finger nails, does she ever risk injuring her delicate pink lady parts?

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Excellent set!!! Wide-open pink, good doggy poses, great sexy attitude. Can we expect all this in a video with this model? Please, please, please!

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WHENEVER this delightful gallery was shot, I very much appreciate it!

Something I might not previously have commented on is Taissia's downy hair ~ every single one is much appreciated.

I hope friend Rylsky has some more collaborations with Taissia somewhere in the pipeline / inventory and that we will see them eventually.

10s and thanks for all involved in the production of this gallery.

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Sure, Taissia's got a great face and a great bod, but what makes it work is her attitude. Sexy as hell! I love seeing her show off her LBD, and what lies underneath...

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Sometimes, a "picture" is worth far less than a thousand words. I like the look Taissia has on her face in #2 ... like she's saying " I think this is what you're looking for." Nice!

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