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This babe fucking rocks!

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Yes Yes Yes!!! More Oil on the girls. Sooooo sexy. Slippery shaved pussy is very nice!

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This woman's ass cannot possibly be photographed too many times.

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love this set, love all the ass photos, and her ass is magnificent

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WOW! Now that's what I call coming out strong. That's a first set that will definitely make an impression. This is the kind of spice I expected to see when Rylsky art opened as a stand alone site. I have to say Bravo to both of you.

Not that I am a black leather, bondage sort of guy but I do love a well oiled woman and there are some very spectacular closeups of an amazing pubic area. It's all here totally out there for all to see. I love those butterfly shots. This girl has it all and she showed us there is much to look forward to here at Rylsky art!

AWESOME! (and yes I'm shouting)

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Love a beautiful girl covered in oil.

Verrry sexy set. I hope this is just the first of many from this gorgeous model.

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Yes, this model will be with us:)

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That is a damn fine ass. A raunchy set. I like it a lot. :)

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Have a nice day after that!

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By all means too many ass shots.

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Was it written "exams" or "contest" at any page of this site? Let us know. Let me say that many people rated this "ass" as "perfect".

So, maybe it is her provocation specially for teasing you personally?
Anyway, I promise next time you will see her peaceful and even shy and you will never know was it her at first set or was it just your dream...
let the girls play this way, maybe even goes crazy from the start... let them do it sometimes, ok?

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And I say "perfect" as well.

I think that "puffy" was merely claiming that there were too many shots of one particular kind in the series, not that the set was too provocative. Personally, I hate that sort of drive-by whingeing, and I don't at all agree with that point. But in any case, I don't think anyone commenting here wanted the set to be more tame, but instead were rather happily surprised it wasn't.

Well done by all, and particularly by Taissia, who has a beautifully free spirit, as well as a lovely face. May we see a lot more of her, and may she be equally brave and happy when we do.

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I say "perfect" Really exciting set.

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What a debut! Kinky and really, really sexy. Delicious rear shots. Great job.

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