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Too earthy and orange for me. Wish she weren't so tanned too. I guess I like brighter sets.

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Sybil is a lovely model but the "ripping the panty hose thing" is just worn out! If I never see it again I won't be in any way disappointed!

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I am a big fan of Sybil who is an extremely attractive and pretty young woman. Unfortunately this photo shoot is not one of her best and lacks the sparkle of her recent appearance on a photo shoot for MetArt (which I suspect was shot far more recently).

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Sybil is always very attractive, but I am not a fan of the images of a woman fighting with and destroying pantyhose. I don't know why, it just does not seem very appealing to me. Oh well, there is always tomorrow.

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Neil, I rather agree with your sentiment. I LOVE images of pretty women in sexy pantyhose. I'm not a fan of destruction of said pantyhose, any more than I would be a fan of pretty girls destroying their sexy panties. (:

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That, and the fact that this set has a decidedly overall orange hue throughout. If you run the images through PornoShop and adjust them so that the shadows on the white sheets show up as gray instead of with an orange bias, the set looks "more normal", at least in terms of color cast.

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