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Swwan is always lovely and enthusiastic, but this time around she dials it up another notch. #20 in particular -- it's a great pose to start with, completed by a wicked grin makes her a force of nature.

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It is always super to see lovely Swan, and in front of one of Rylsky's silk screens, super duper!

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In the mid 70's through 80's they used to sell Belarus tractors made at the Minsk Tractor Works here in the US. I guess as some kinda friendly international exchange between the USSR and USA. These tractors were very well made and definitely destroyed the Western stereotype that Soviet stuff was garbage. I remember my uncle had three of them and they still run today.

Maria Swan is a great example of Belarusian quality as well. Maybe if we all exchanged beautiful women we would not be headed towards a second Cold War. Or maybe I'm just being Optimistic and not cynical and pessimistic which seems to be the common mental state of many people nowadays.

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A favorite model in a favorite set. What could be better?

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