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Something about pretty girls in floral dresses really does it for me. And thanks Rylsky for fulfilling my request! :D I guess you have me for another year, and hopefully its a year full of Swan updates.

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Lots of great images here, 3, and 4 for the unbridled joy of jumping on a bed; plus 8 for a different view of Swan's lovely lady bits. What's with 49, notes to the photo finisher for spots to clean up, or...?

Many thanks to the Swan – Rylsky Team for a nice collaboration.

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I say this as a non-photographer so sorry if this sounds ignorant, but I've never understood the need to make these kind of photoshop changes. Her face in the untouched picture looks so much better and more natural, I mean are smiles lines that unattractive?

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I remember our host writing somewhere that some models had it in their contracts that any imperfections must be removed.

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That's interesting, I guess its just the standard these days. Also just noticed #51 and #52, spot the difference...?

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It was fixed, thank you for informing, and yes, Baggy said it all right. Some girls agreed to work if we will do editing for them.

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