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Thank you Rylsky! I always look forward to more Swan, but I fear that we might not see much more of her as she seems to have fewer sets every year. :( I hope I'm wrong. Keep up the good work.

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Sorry I am late to post a comment.

I always like these bonus back stage sets, particularly those featuring one super star model like Swan. Its nice to see the models in the candid playful shots. Very nice indeed. I hope you can make more solo back stage volumes featuring the other great super star models.

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Very enjoyable little collection of Backstage photos – these are great fun as they give a glimpse into the personal life and personality of the models. It would be great if we had more of these collections and I would encourage Rylsky to continue to put together single model collections, ideally with 40-50 pictures in each one.

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Love it! I really like seeing those silly moments when the girls relax and let of some steam. This makes them seem more real than the always perfect poses.

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Yes, especially when we see such personality like Miss Swan.

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