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Brown, Brown, and more Brown with no relief in sight. This looks like my mother's living room. While she might approve of the decor, the dessert would not do. (I have some suspicions about her possible reaction to the model.) In the spirit of appreciation for creativity and variety, I did not dun the score for the mess.

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Seven hours until a new movie up date featuring Swan is to be released. So it is time to check Swan's previous photo sets. Swan is a delightfully beautiful young woman and seems to have a warm and captivating personality. I must agree with hiipshot131 regarding the food spilled on Swan or any other model. To me, that is just not appealing at all. The title of the set is Krema and the cover photo shows Swan with cream on her chest, so I knew it was coming. But the images of her covered with cream shocked me nonetheless.

I was pleased to see that this very beautiful young lady has done many sets with Rylsky both on RA and MetArt. If I am correct, Swan has modeled only for Rylsky. My guess is that this exclusivity builds a rapport which can be seen in the photographs. All of Swan's sets are very nice. She is both remarkably beautiful and talented.

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If you haven't played around with whipped cream and a willing woman/your girlfriend, you've missed out on one of life's truly great (and messy) scenarios. Granted, the more liquid the material, the more rapidly it becomes a mess - but oh what a fun time can be had "cleaning up!"

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You lost me when she started the food play. I have never been turned on by food or drink or paint smeared all over a gorgeous woman. Swan seems to have lost weight and for someone so slender that isn't good.

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I will take this to my attention in future, but let me say that different people think differently and when model have fun and play the way she feel comfortable - it is the reason. Anyway please agree that we have many locations and situations in our sets. When it comes the same way all the time - it is bad, but experiments are not so bad.
Thank you one more time for being honest in your comments.

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Oh my goodness Swan, in your first set a couple of years ago at Met it was oranges now it's ice cream. I think you want us to lick you clean. Hmmm. You are AMAZINGLY gorgeous. Thanks to you and R for perfect beauty and perfect photography. Your rear end is sexy beyond belief but so is everything about you. More soon, please.

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Thank you. Of course, Swan will be in videos andsets regularly at RylskyArt.

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