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Fun, and funny, times with two of Rylsky's models; thanks.

Rylsky: what did you say to Sybil to generate # 15?

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I tried to say some compliments in Slovenian language:)

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Wow! I am having all kinds of trouble getting the photos to load this morning, both here and on metart. I don't know why. I guess I will come back later. I see someone rated this bonus set a big fat 3. I wish people would understand that these small bonus sets are extra treats for us. They should be rated as they compare to other bonus sets. Of course they are not as big as other, normal updates.

Rylsky, as you know, I have been teaching myself to read Russian. Recently, I learned that the word Svet (CBET) means "shine" or "glow".

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Yes, "light",as well. Russian Orthodox Church don't accept this name for a long time, they use Greek "Fotinia" which comes from "fos", the greek word. So it means "photography" and "Fotinia" are the words coming from the same greek word!!!
It's also great story about this VERY young and "very Russian" name.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svetlana is the short story in Eng.
is the full story, but only in Rus.

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