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Sorry that I'm late to the party. I checked yesterday and this nice gallery was not there? No harm, no foul; Susie and I connected today.

I am certainly glad that I viewed Vojeto, it's nice to see that every now and then my unscientific theory lives, in the flesh. With her strong calves Susie could position her lover exactly where she wanted; or crush a coconut!

My old head is not as hard as a coconut, but I would place it wherever Susie wanted.

Thanks all around to every one for this pleasing visit.

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I think this is a perfect example of where the use of a single creative idea makes for a memorable visual experience. The notion of coming across a beautiful girl while on a hike through the forest is cliche, but this gives it a unique twist. Nicely done. And simply gorgeous.

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I love this beautiful little sweetheart! What a cute little doll. I see Susie has done a lot of galleries on the MetArt network, but this is the first time I noticed her. I like the background curtain for this set. The path in the forest reminds me of Jeff's debut gallery. And Susie is very cute. I hope Rylsky and Susie can arrange a long-term contract that will bring her beautiful photos for many years to come.

Now it is time for another foreign language lesson. When I saw that Susie was from Armenia, I assumed that the title "Vojeto" was an Armenian word. But Google translator disagreed. Instead, Google translates "Vojeto" out of Esperanto as "path".

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Btw: The Armenian word for path is "chanaparh" chan-a-par. And if you think the Cyrillic alphabet is confusing, you will be amazed by the Armenian alphabet. Absolutely mind boggling.

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