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  • 3 years ago
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Wunderschöner, absolut schamloser Nackedei, mein Spatz steht steil hoch...

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The ever delightful Steffi radiates charm and personality in every pose and frame frame of this joyous photo shoot. Every collaboration between Steffi and Rylsky is a treat.

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Great fun set with a beautiful girl. Thank you Steffi and Rylsky :)

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Easily one of my favorite met girls, I love that big wide smile and her sweet little bottom, just incredible...

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Lovely, lovely woman! Steffi is a name I have always liked and Steffi fits the fantasies perfectly. Long shapely legs, graceful and flexible and the pretty face radiant smile and sparkling eyes all fit to produce a very fun and energetic set!

I love Steffi. She fits my image of a Rylsky girl in every way!
Thanks for a delightful set.

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A wonderful visit with beautiful Steffi. She is as beautiful as ever. I love the green forest background. It is like a fantasy land setting. Very nice.

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This is a wonderful visit from lovely Steffi.

I especially liked the waves in her long hair, before her exuberant dancing straightened them out. I wager that Parisians would have brought down the house if the Can Can had been done sans knickers as suggested by Steffi.

Thanks to Team Rylsky and Steffi.

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I finally found a translation of Fusta in Slovakian. It means wood in English, which refers to the green silken background; but could also mean the wood Steffi will arouse in many a male member.

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Google translator gives no translation for "fusta" and translates "wood" into Slovakian as "Drevo". The Slovakian word for forest is "lesny". Maybe Rylsky or Steffi will tell what fusta means. Where did you get your translation, Baggy Pants?

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I note your question Neil. I am having trouble duplicating the process I used when Google translate frustrated me by substituting so many languages in place of Slovak. I will continue until I do succeed and will advise you at that time.

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