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Damn! Solana turns me on! I love that deep red hair color be it natural or bottled. I just want to cuddle against that soft round butt and inhale her womanly fragrances. There is just something about her that gets my juices flowing.

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How wonderful to see Solana as a redhead once again. She goes from being an attractive girl with dark brown hair to being an absolutely stunning and adorable redhead. This is an automatic download and I look forward to seeing more of her with this beautiful hair colour which suits her enchanting face perfectly.

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Kavaia contains many great images, especially the full length ones such as 1, 23, or complete with your favorites.

I am intrigued with the location. Rylsky found, or made, a gigantic oasis. Maybe another time we will see the oasis from a distance to appreciate its scale compared to the surroundings.

Very good work my friend, please tell everyone involved how impressed I am.

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Replying to myself, tsk, tsk, tsk.

I think I should have described the oasis as a miniature oasis.

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tsk tsk, Sorry baggy. This is a studio set up that Rylsky has used a lot. Perhaps a rental?? At any rate Solana steals the show!

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Maybe he will say if he built it or rents it.

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yes, this is a studio:)

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Now this is a wonderful treat for us this morning. It is always so very nice to see Solana again. She is a very special little sweetheart.

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