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Sarike is perfect! She has a gorgeous natural body, not thin and waiflike, which so many models are today. I love a woman's body that has some substance to it, yet it is tight and toned and very sexy. Her face is aesthetically pleasing, her breasts are round and supple and I can only imagine that her buttocks are round and tight. Great gallery! Thank you Sarike, you are stunning!

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I really like scrumptious Sarika's beautiful eyebrows and eyes, long wavy hair, downy hair, shapely breasts and great areolae and nipples, nice navel, invisible bikini, lovely smile and dimples, and versatile multitasking vulva. I think I remember that she has a nice bum, but couldn't confirm that today.

Thanks to Sarika for being, and posing for Rylsky; thanks to Rylsky for discovering Sarika and shooting her in so many nice galleries both here and @ MET.

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"... invisible bikini ..." and " ... versatile multitasking vulva ..."? Wassup wit dat?

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I borrowed a line from someone for tan lines, and, depending on how you look at a vulva imo; some look like a camel toe, or have puffy outer labia or voluminous inner labia...and a versatile one has two or more looks depending on where the camera was pointed.

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Wow! Not that she isn't gorgeous with straight hair, but that luxurious curly hairstyle is awesome on her! I can't blame her for wanting to stare in the mirror at the beginning of the set!

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Sarike is very pretty, with a gorgeous perfect feminine figure. Her hair style is perfect for her. It makes her look mature, like a movie star. Very nice.

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