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12-13-15-16-18...Why chop off head!?? Otherwise....ok.

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I agree, maybe here in this set "cropped off head" photos quantity was too much.
Thanks for critique.

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We all COULD think of it as your kind of "Venus de Milo" work. I'd take THAT statuary in my backyard garden anytime! ;-)

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Wouldn't that be a "Venus de Rylsky"?

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Sarika is a lovely Latvian lady. Her breasts, areolae, and nipples immediately catch my eye(s). Then I shift my attention and notice that she has beautiful blue eyes, downy hair, a hint of ribs, a camel toe, a pleasant smile, and very nice legs.

I agree with Neil that this is a perfect setting to showcase the beautiful women who have posed there.

Thanks to Sarika and Team Rylsky for another pleasing collaboration.

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Sarika is absolutely beautiful, with a perfectly gorgeous curvaceous body. I think she is a little underrated. We don't see her very often and that makes her updates so very delightful. This bonus update is lovely, a beautiful young lady in this enenchanting country garden. So many of Rylsky's very best models have visited this lovely garden. It seems to be like a back yard rather than a public park. The lush green and brightly colored flowers make a perfect setting to showcase the beautiful women.

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