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MMMMMMM Another luscious Latvian lady to make me loopy!! Sooo sexy! Loved the stockings! This girl is an instant favorite!

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Thanks for completing the picture this time. Is it the model's decision to let you do so? Would you get in trouble with MetArt, with SexArt? Would you be able to do new sets of other models to upgrade them? I imagine some subscribers would be willing to pay more for more disclosure. Perhaps, let the model charge the member directly for each progressive disclosure. Or auction the photo with clitoris directly to the member as would eBay! Now, such a site would make more money, and models heretofore less exposed would newly compel hordes of us Ryslskyphiles to resubscribe - to check for updates that show real improvements. I for one cancel subscription within days out of frustration with the same sets of photos that merely vary, not improve, or that suggest a denouement but do not deliver or that are ridiculously in arbitrary order.

I would not dare tell Rylsky what to do, but if I were photographing, I would set out in a project to exercise all my talents to invoke in the subscriber all the attributes and their manifestations that make a woman worth knowing and finally worth undressing - in realistic sequence. She might be a soccer mom rushing off to practice with child in uniform, an attorney, a psychiatrist, in her office. She engages peers, clients, etc.,on the phone, in conference, etc. The subscriber imagines her saying something serious or smart. She dresses in modern fashion and has a modern office, modern furniture, etc.. Nothing like stupidity, or bad taste in clothing and in architecture to make disgust of concupiscence. Then through routes showing real places, real conditions, such as the subway, a wait at a traffic light in downtown intersection full of pedestrians. The subscriber must see he various psychological states to feel fortunate to be finally the one present as she inserts the key to her front door, the one in her kitchen, in her closet, in her bedroom a few feet away watching her removing indifferently her panties and seeing them fall to the floor rolled up as usual, or the one sitting in front of her staring at her crotch while she talks on the phone sitting on the bed with her bra and panties still on. Any private disclosures, e.g, various distensions of labia, of clitoral prepuce, are prizes only after veritable depiction of routine circumstances is established.

Who for example would rather see a lap dancer at a bar than to follow his wife or his secretary, or his boss in all her various routes to her gynecologist?

And so on.

Rylsky is not a pornographer. As a photographer, he is also deKooning, and likely he knows that art for us subscribers must be explicit. Abstract art has its place in the museum, where implications, representations, etc., suffice. Finally, to a photographer, art is at its best lived and so Rylsky knows that real women doing things in their lives are the ones whose legs we want to spread.

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Absolutely fantastic first set, Sarika. You are truly gorgeous, and these are wonderful shots. I love the perfect match between the pink top of those sexy stockings and your pussy lips. But aside from being so sexy, your are really pretty, too. Hope to see much more of you!

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