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  • 1 year ago
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Ihr Fötzchen ist nass, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

  • 2 years ago
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Sie ist ganz nackig, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

  • 2 years ago
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Wunderschön, mein Spatz steht steif hoch...

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Here we go again with those stiff sparrows. I'm beginning to think there is an epidemic in Germany. Those sparrows must be suffering from arthritis or maybe rigor mortis. :)

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Holy Mother of Gawd, Sandra !!


Excellent set of erotic photographs.

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Awesome camera work! #30 &31 are perfect with just a drop of her natural nectar. The following closeups with the oil are absolutely amazing.

Sandy is a doll, Such a great body and the spirit to enjoy stimulating us so much.Along with her cute face and slightly naughty smile makes her so impossible to resist.

Love you Sandy

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When it comes to those juicy closeups There is no one that does it better. The crispness, color and detail are amazing.

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I'm not one particularly enamoured of the "push 'em together/'squishy' shots" - but geeez Sandra... can you go easy on a guy now and then??? On you, particularly, the shots seem to work outstandingly.

And when I look at shots like #s 11 & 12, I get this enormous craving for peaches ... dunno why ...

Mr. Ryskie ... generally, I can either take or leave the solid color studio backdrops but I think you hit the nail right on the head on this one. Thank you.

  • 2

Don't you think it's about time we had a petals set with Sandra? They are very much qualified!

  • 4

Sandra Lauver is always beautiful. Tall and slender and so very seductive. She is always supremely sexy and completely at ease with her sexuality. Excellent!

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