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Beautiful model with awesome breasts. I love her nipples. Good photography.

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Sade is such a cutie! I love her smiles and friendly manner. She just looks like someone who who be the ideal date. Those nipples look like they could be a safety hazard and that lovely pussy would make a lovely candidate for a petals set. I like the tan lines but those panties were a complete fail. A nice plain white pair of panties would have been so much better.

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Boy... you hit the neil on the head with the hammer on that one, bubbly!

Those erect nipples just scream to be gently taken between the teeth and tugged on until Sade's eyes rolled back in her head.

And her "south 40" begs for me to do a reverse kitty cat on her (embarrassingly said though it be total truth).

And for your "third swing", again... with the head on the neil... while the front of the panties are OK, the t-bar back looks just plain... well... odd. Would've liked them better if they were white satin, white lace or a nice g-string.

But overall, looks like Sade is a real cute girl-next-door type.

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Pokies, pokies, rah rah rah; pokies, pokies, rah rah rah ~ I love pokies. Plus tan lines, ribs, butterflies, hair swept back to show ears, brilliant smiles and dimples; and innies.

Very nicely done Sade.

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"Pokies, pokies, rah rah rah; pokies, pokies zis boom ahhhh..." is the way it's supposed to go.

From the poses, we can see that Sade's certainly quite the "Gumby" but who isn't at that age. I too, like the hair pulled back and up revealing a lovely, long swan-like neck - not something we generally see hereabouts. Leaves me wondering what she'll looking like in future sets with her hair down.

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I love Sade's beautiful eyes and happy inviting smile, so very expressive and appealing. Sade Mare is a wonderfully beautiful model. Very nice.

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