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To bad she chose to deface that lovely body. She had everything going for her but she spoiled it with ink! Without the indelible proof of her bad taste she would be spectacular. Without the ink everything about her is letter perfect.

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A question for you, slapshot.

Which do you hate most of all? Tattoos, abundant pubes, or large lady bits, Hmmm?

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By the time I reached image seven, my jaw was already on the floor. There is now a hole and I can see my neighbors blinking at me in disbelief.

That is one incredible ass.

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Sable is very pretty, but those tattoos are dreadful. I am sure there are guys who like tattooed ladies. I am not one of them. I will be back tomorrow.

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49 mostly great images of lovely Sable. There were some awkward poses that did nothing for me but the remainder were very nice.

A very attractive woman, our host clicking the shutter, = guaranteed success. There are too many great images for me to pick a favorite, easily a 15 - 20 place tie.

I hope there are some more collaborations between these two in Rylsky's inventory,

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