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A beautiful raven haired young woman, with a gorgeous feminine figure. Excellent! And you know I love that wonderful woodlands background curtain. Very nice. Bravo Mr Rylsky. Bravo! Those background curtains are very special. One of the many things that make Rylsky Art the best.

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I sure hope that women get over this stupid fad of plucking, tweezing, or shaving their eyebrows and then drawing them back in with magic marker or... Take a hint from Cara Delavigne and others, please.

That aside, lovely Rafaella has many wonderful physical attributes. I really like her hair, beautiful eyes, radiant smile which shows off her dimples and cheek bones, pert little bum and then...those ribs!

Well done everybody.

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Eve in the garden of Eden.

p.s. The apple wasn't an apple, it was a juicy peach. (: