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Very tasty shots of Rafaella's cunt and ass, and so creamy.

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fantastic set with a very nice model thx

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welcome to the Club, Pitty!

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Thank you Rylsky for bringing Rafaella back. It's such a pleasure to see her in all her sexy glory. Extremely beautiful, super hot and I body to die for. Can't wait to see what the future brings.

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Those last 3 shots really capture her essence!

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They ARE very nice, hip.

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Congratulations on "introducing" Zelda over on ErroticaArchives tonight with a very strong set, Rylsky!

As for Rafaella's set here tonight, wow, what a stunning woman! I especially love the hint of cream at her entrance to paradise... (:

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It is nice to see Rafaella again. It has been a long time since her last update. She is a very pretty woman, with that raven black hair and those exquisite hazel eyes. Imagine number 75 is a masterpiece of classic feminine beauty. I like the background in this set. The color is magical.

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75 IS a ripper, Neil.