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  • Neil
  • 11 months ago
  • 2

You know I love redheads and I am glad to say Rylsky loves them too. I think Rachel Fox is a real red head, but I think she may have her hair highlighted with an unnatural share of red. There is more to a beautiful red haired model that just her hair. I love Rachel's pale porcelain skin and the lovely shade of pink in the pink places. I love Rachel's gorgeous womanly figure.

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When all else fails, I check a model's pubes. Rachel's look brown to me.

  • Neil
  • 11 months ago
  • 1

Not necessarily. Remember our beautiful Ms Mariam. Her public hair is distinctively brown, but the hair on her head is a wonderful rusty shade of red. And remember our darling Ms Rochelle. She has the same pale porcelain skin and the same shade of pink in the pink places. Like I said,I think Rachel is a natural redhead, but she accentuates her red hair with an unnatural shade of red dye.

  • 0

Mariam is definitely NOT a redhead, the hair on her head is tastefully and subtly colored (no Koolaid involved).

Rochelle IS a redhead, as is the equally lovely Brisa. When I was reviewing all of the lovely models here on RylskyArt, Helena caught my attention. I am now thinking that Helene might just be a real redhead also.



This lovely forth and back is now concluded for me.

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It's very nice to see lovely Rachel again after what seems like such a long time.

Rachel's color by Koolaid hair is perfectly complimented by this beautiful silk backdrop. Rylsky, I hope you are taking very good care of those great silk pieces.

There are too many great images to pick one favorite but I do keep coming back to 8, 12, 43, and 44 amongst others. And it's always nice to see a butterfly.

Thank you.

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